You Defend What You Feel

Young people with a strong commitment to the environment have one common denominator: they each have their own personal, as if customized, relationship to nature.

Everything is Changing?

I was aware of the changes in Cuba, and what organizations need to do to survive. Yet, I could not imagine how much, in just three years, this space and its people could have transformed. I started asking myself a few questions: the first was how much things were really changing in Cuba, and if this type of mentality . . .

Real Change

Liliet told us that she believes in ‘carpe diem’, in living life to the fullest. She explained that everything that she does, she does it to create ‘cambio real’, ‘real change’.

Meet Roydes

I see him as a Batman type; he is everywhere and manages different lives.  Roydes spends about half of his time with his mom and great-grandmother and the rest of the time with his dad, stepmother and stepsister. While searching for our Recrear headquarters in Cuba, I have been staying with Roydes’ dad. There everyone […]