Data doodles

Recurso 21

Doodles are simple drawings that represent our inner worlds. They express our daydreams, our ideas and all the random thoughts that cross our minds. Have you ever thought of doodling your data? This is a simple technique to help us reflect about and document our experiences in the field in a unique way.

Recurso 14

Written by

Denisse Albornoz

Edited by

Gioel Gioacchino

Developed by


Our Experience Using this Technique

Many moons ago, when I was writing my undergraduate thesis, I did not know what to do with all the data I had collected in the field. I had long pages with scribbles about my interviews, experiences and random notes I had taken while I was conducting my research. However, that piece of paper full of notes felt a bit foreign and I felt the need to bring my data back to life.  So I sat down, grabbed a bunch of colours and papers and started turning my notes into doodles. As I was drawing the different scenarios and characters I had encountered in the field, I did not only revisit memories I seemed to have forgotten, but also did a fair bit of reflection about what those memories meant to me, and how they could help me answer my research questions.

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