Embodying complexity

Recurso 21

Use your body to explore and transform the personal limits we experience as we co-create.

Recurso 14

Written by

Scarlett Kassimatis

Edited by

Carolina Roman Gonzalez, Fiammetta Wegner, and Gioel Gioacchino

Developed by

Scarlett Kassimatis, Carolina Roman Gonzalez and Marcela Arreaga Vela, with the support of Fiammetta Wegner

Our Experience Using this Technique

As part of a Participatory Action Research (PAR) training Recrear hosted in Barcelona (April 2019), we were asking ourselves how to exist as part of an alive and healthy system. We designed this activity to answer the research question, ‘What are my limits to co-creation?’.

We reflected that co-creating requires emotional attention and, most likely, working through some discomfort. Yet, understanding and sharing our experiences of discomfort cognitively can be very hard. For this reason, to explore our question we wanted to pull from the embodiment techniques that we had learnt during the course. We came up with this exercise to allow people to express and transform complex feelings, thoughts, and ideas through the intelligence of the body, without needing to define them first.

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