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RecrearMagnify, 2011


Tonight the Recrear team tried to MAGNIFY our skills by crashing the gen YOTT “Summer Ain’t over” networking event downtown Ottawa. This was something that not many of us had ever experienced before. As we all walked in there was a group of around 70 people within our generation from many different industries. Our goal … to get Recrear on the map and try to find some people that we can partner with. I have to say the first few minutes were slightly awkward, we stuck near each other and tried to figure out how to describe what we do. Thankfully I knew a few individuals from school, however it was a different dynamic stepping away from Dunton tower where our eat, sleep and breathe Recrear together. Thankfully Komal, Kevin and Valerie broke the ice for those who were unsure by doing a quick but amazing pitch for the crowd. After that we were off to the races! Each of us walked around with invites to our gala, business cards (not always our own) and started doing what most of us do best, talking! This is where I watched our group soar. Everyone was talking and making connections and genuinely having a good time. At around 10:00 we left the event and headed for some wonderful food at Lonestar and some great conversations with some of our friends from the event.

Overall this was an amazing growth opportunity for us all and I was so ecstatic afterwords (The only thing missing was James.). I can’t wait to go to the next event and I definitely feel more prepared for talking to others about Recrear.

Now its on to our biggest day of the conference tomorrow… WISH US LUCK!


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