The notebook production game

Recurso 21

By simulating a notebook production company, this team-building game helps groups of co-researchers become aware of their team’s dynamics. This is a great exercise to reflect on the challenges of working together under time pressure.

Recurso 14

Written by

Kirsten Williams and Gioel Gioacchino

Edited by

Denisse Albornoz

Developed by


Our Experience Using this Technique

We first played this game in Berlin, during a workshop with the Art of Living Foundation. The instruction was: ‘produce a tennis ball’. To do so we each had to touch a tennis ball but in order of every other person (i.e skipping the person next to you) until everyone had touched the ball. When we had all touched it, we had to deliver it to our ‘client’, played by one of the facilitators. We played this game with the launch group of Recrear and found ourselves having a profound reflection on the roles each of us played in the group. Since then we’ve adapted the technique to observe teamwork in action and to draw awareness around what each individual brings to the process. We’ve played with this technique in the Dominican Republic, Canada, Cuba and Colombia.

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