Visualizing Success and Failure

Recurso 21

What does it mean to fail? What does it mean to be successful? Use psychodrama to unpack these ideas and become aware of the beliefs young people hold about themselves.

Recurso 14

Written by

Maria Gabriela (Gaby) Biscardi

Edited by

Denisse Albornoz and Gioel Gioacchino

Developed by


Our Experience Using this Technique

Gaby, a life coach, designed this technique in collaboration with her academic tutor, a psychodrama director, and an excellent group of psychodrama students in Casa Hogar Corazón de Jesús, Valencia (Venezuela). The exercise was used to discover and improve the self-esteem of teenagers underperforming in high school. It was part of a process of 10 psychodrama workshops to explore students’ sense of self using visualization and role play. Gaby has been using this method in many contexts to unveil emotions and self-perceptions from different angles.

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